80% of good Feng Shui has to do with using the right energies for the right activities.

We want good Yang (active) energy in the active areas of the home and where we do business. We also want good Yin (relaxing energy) energy for the bedrooms and lounge. 

Good Yang energy fills a home with radiance and good Yin energy enables us to really relax – it gives us these special cosy spaces where you can naturally chill out and sleep well. 

To achieve this, we need to have a window or a door where there is good Yang energy – so this can enter and fill the home. And we want a solid wall with good Yin energies against which to place our bed or lounge. 

When creating an addition (or building a new home), you have the unique opportunity to get this right. (The numbers in the example below represent the unique energies in each section of a home – if you are interested, check here for more info.) http://www.soulspace.info/feng-shui-tips-and-info/energies.html 

Let’s say this was your original home and you wanted to add a bedroom at the back. This would be the shape of the home including the addition: 

In this case you’d have two main options for the bed position, either on the left, 

Or on the right hand wall. A bed should never be placed in a doorway.

Examining the unique energies of this room, it is very obvious that the bed should be on the right hand wall. The left wall has the #5 Yin, the worst energy for health and wellbeing, whereas the right hand wall has the second most supportive energy, #9, for sleep and rest.

In the first scenario, you would find it much harder to sleep and quite likely would get sick more often in the long run. In the second, you would get the best possible support for sleep and wellbeing.

Small things, like internal door positions, can make a big difference in your living experience in an addition or in the rooms in a new home. Optimising these can be achieved even if your overall design is pretty much set.

Each energy chart is unique and different for each home – it depends on its exact orientation and the time period it was built in. So, it is worth having the energies analysed. That way you can choose a design that will support you and your family in the best possible way.

Please contact me if you need a consultation to help you determine the best design for your home.