Similar to straight lines inside a home, long straight lines outside can also create Feng Shui problems.

Poison arrows, part II

Your space is being ‘attacked’ when a straight road points directly at your home – especially if it aligns with your door or (bedroom) window. This occurs at the end of a T-intersection or cul-de-sac. In this picture (cars are driving on right side of road), the home’s door is being ‘attacked’ by the oncoming road and traffic. 

There are many shops that directly face such oncoming road. Often they have closed down or display ‘For Sale’ signs. This can sadly be the outcome of such attack: Financial ruin or health problems – should you be sleeping behind a window in such a situation. Not a pretty picture! 

The problem with such positions is that the energy movement along the oncoming road is too straight and fast – attacking by nature.


Here is some good news about cul-de-sacs: If your home is not positioned in line with the road, a cul-de-sac functions like a ‘lake’, in which good energy can gather. 

It is often a nice common area where kids play and neighbours talk… So, don’t worry about cul-de-sacs – but protect yourself from oncoming straight lines. 

What you can do

If your building is subject to a straight oncoming road, you need to erect an actual physical barrier against it:

  • If there is enough space, build a high fence or wall, or plant a very solid bush – anything that physically blocks this energy. You don’t want to be able to see the road from the affected door or window. (The barrier should be able to stop the energy of an out of control car travelling at the speed of that road to be fully effective.)
  • If there is not enough room, keep the blind or curtain closed, put up a screen – anything that stops the energy coming straight into your house, or that at least stops the road being visible from the door or window.

Photo by Echo Grid on Unsplash