A Feng Shui issue of modern living

Feng Shui Power Place

In Feng Shui there are great and not so great positions for a lounge. The best lounge position is called the Power Place.

Traditionally, a sitting room would have a doorway on one side and windows or French doors on the other. 

The best lounge position would be with a solid wall behind you, diagonally opposite the door – not in doorway – and with view of both the windows and door. 

In this picture, both seats are positioned well: you’d have back support and view of the door and windows – no one would be ‘jumping’ on you from behind.

We feel most relaxed in such positions.

Modern Living Areas

Most of us don’t have living rooms like that anymore. We like open plan living, which is more radiant and dynamic – and not as cosy as it used to be. 

Often there is only one solid wall – the others are windows, French doors or open towards the rest of the house.

Usually, this wall would give you the most support for your lounge. This is where you would feel most comfortable, and around which you should probably centre you sitting area.

But, more often than not, this wall is reserved for the TV! – This may tell us something about modern living!

We are often left with a lounge in the middle of the room, with activity going on behind us – and never quite as relaxed that way. The ‘Power Place’ is a Feng Shui principle we have forgotten about in our busy lives.

In your living area, have a look where else the TV could go? Often there is a small piece of wall somewhere else…

Ask yourself: Who is more important?

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash