Poison Arrows and the like!

It is common knowledge that you should not have the backdoor of your house facing the front door, have long narrow hallways, or a stair case facing the front door straight on.

The reason for this is that energy and people naturally like to meander – gently move through a space.

You can get a feel for that if you imagine small kids. They would tear down the hallway of the house below, whereas in a home with balanced design they would naturally move more gently – the same is true for energy.

If you had a backdoor on the other side of the hallway facing the front door, the energy would shoot straight through, virtually bypassing the rooms of the home.

Similarly, if a staircase is facing directly onto the front door, the energy from this virtually ‘falls’ out of the door. 

The problem with these straight lines designs is that there is no containment of energy and movement is too fast.


If you have a situation like this, you can:

  • Place a hall stand, side tables, floor vases,… along the hallway, alternating sides 
  • Place a large object in the path between the front door and back, such as a chest, table… ยท   

Be creative! The idea is to slow down the energy and to get it to meander!

Feng Shui is not black and white, e.g. if your staircase is more than 3-4m from the front door, there is really not that much of a negative effect. It is all relative to many other Feng Shui factors. With each cure, we endeavour to make your home just a bit more comfortable.

Photo by Evelyn Paris on unsplash.com