Some people say Feng Shui is all in the mind…

How Feng Shui is not in the mind

Scenario 1: 

You walk into a new building with beautiful furnishings and decor and it feels great. 

Scenario 2: 

You walk into another new building also beautifully arranged – but something is wrong. You might not be able to put your finger on it – it may be a bit dull. You would get more easily agitated if you spent time there.

Likewise, there are bedrooms where you can sleep well and others where you don’t. Some people only sleep well when they are away from their home.

You would find most people would agree as to which home or bedroom was good, and which one wasn’t. 

These differences are not in the mind. They are the result of existent Earth energies – which are not visible – but which we can measure with Feng Shui. The more closely a building’s design, furiture placement and colour schemes correspond to the underlying Earth energies, the better it is.

How Feng Shui is in the mind

Scenario 1: 

You have a beautiful picture of you wedding hanging in the bedroom. This uplifts you when you see it. It also reinforces and reminds you of your goal of a happy marriage.

Scenario 2: 

You have a vase in the hallway – which was a gift – but which you don’t really like. You are keeping it out of obligation. Everytime you walk past, you are reminded of your own weakness in relation to that person. Your sense of wellbeing is just that little bit reduced by this.

This is the effect of symbols. It is in the mind of the beholder. If you have assigned some meaning to an object, the object will reflect that meaning back to you – the good or the bad. 

However, there is no inherent power in the object. The power is in your mind. A frog does not make you wealthy and two dolphins don’t create a happy marriage, unless you create these outcomes. Using symbols can be a beautiful reminder of what you want to create. 

Feng Shui tips – how to use symbols

Any object can be a symbol if it means something to you: a piece of furniture, a picture, a vase…

Make sure that you have objects in your home that uplift you. Things that remind you of happy moments, objects that represent your goals, or things you just really like – these will have an uplifting effect on your mind.

If you keep things out of obligation, or have things around you that you don’t like, they will remind you of your shortcomings, upsets, or inability to get what you want – they will have a negative effect on you.

Photo by Christian Newman on Unsplash