If you want to improve the Feng Shui of your home or office, here are some free Feng Shui tips which you can safely apply to any building.

Feng Shui naturally integrates into any style building – it does not need to look ‘Feng Shui-ed’.


Beautiful surroundings make us feel good. While beauty is to some extent in the eye of the beholder, we tend to have a general agreement as to what is harmonious and beautiful.

Keep only things around you that you find uplifting and try to eliminate objects that you find ugly, or that you keep out of duty. 


Each type of activity requires different spaces and furniture: Soft shapes help us relax in a bedroom or lounge. A square solid table or desk – and a regular rectangular shaped home – give us a sense of stability. A round building – or a kidney-shaped glass table with metal legs – is dynamic and would suit an environment that thrives on change.


Objects in a room need to be in proportion to its size: if the furniture is too big in a relatively small space, you easily feel crowded and stifled. If it is too small and sparse in a larger area, you tend to feel lost and ungrounded. 

Likewise, the size of a home needs to be in balance with the neighbouring buildings – if it’s too large it tends to be too exposed and unprotected; if it is too small it is dominated by the other buildings.


Excess clutter inhibits any good Feng Shui. It stops energy, – and people, from freely moving around a space. 

While it is visually unappealing, it actually consists of your unfinished action cycles. These not only make your space look bad, they also keep you hung up in the past. Completing everything you start, – by completing projects, filing or throwing out papers, etc. – gives you the space to live your life in the present.

Check under your beds, in your wardrobe or neglected corners: Do you have clothes, papers or projects piling up. I have a rule I follow and that works very well: if I have not used something in a year, and it has no special value for any other reason, I will give it away or throw it out. 

To have good Feng Shui you’ll need to keep home or office clean and all objects in a good state of repair. A freshly painted space feels much better than a place where paint is peeling, the carpets are worn or the taps are dripping.


Colour also influences the activity level of a space. Pastel and light colours have a calming influence, while bright colours bring in activity. For a bedroom, I do not recommend strong colours, whereas a bright feature wall can bring a welcome flow of energy into a living or family room. Dashes of strong colour can bring life into a place.

Careful with Reds and other strong colours!
Red tones and other strong colours can be wonderful. In the right area, they enhance the most radiant and healthy energies, and can make the space much more comfortable and alive. 

But careful, if red tones and other strong colours are used where there is inherent heavy negative energy, they will make this area worse and you will feel more drained and irritated there. It may activate potential sickness energy – personal or financial.

If you don’t feel right with red tones in an area, trust that feeling and remove them. If you are not sure where to place reds or if you want to design your home or office with the best Feng Shui colour scheme you will need to have a professional Feng Shui analysis of your unique building. 


Electro-magnetic fields are created when an electric current is flowing. Powerlines, electric substations, meter boxes, computer screens, and other electric appliances can affect our health. Prolonged exposure to electro-magnetic fields can cause a wide range of health problems such as listlessness, headaches, lowered immune response, insomnia, fatigue, depression, eczema and difficulty in concentrating. 

However, these fields don’t usually extend very far so exposure can be avoided. Do not sleep or sit against the wall that has the meter box behind you!


The energy of people who have lived in a house before you tends to hang around long after they have left. This is why a new home feels so much crisper. In order to clear a space of old energies you can conduct space clearing. 

A thorough physical cleaning is important: scrub down walls, clean the carpets and wash out the storage areas, lamp shades, etc. This gets rid of a lot of old energy. Repainting is an even better option. 

You should also consider an energetic clearing for good Feng Shui of your home or office. You can come up with a creative solution to this: You can throw a party, chant, make a lot of noise, and bang things around, sprinkle wine… It is up to your imagination. Have the intention of making a new start and clearing out the old. 

If you have a building where old spirits and energies still seem to be hanging around, you should command them to leave. You can talk to them. It works. 

A word of caution

Please note that above are general recommendations only. For example, if you slept in a beautiful bedroom, but its inherent energy was negative, your sleep and health would be still be compromised. The same would be true for a desk position, etc. Find out here if you may have a Feng Shui problem.

If above guidelines don’t result in a space that you feel comfortable in, you should consider a professional Feng Shui analysis of your home or office, which would help you identify the positive potential of your place and reduce any negative influences.

If you are designing a house or moving offices, a Feng Shui analysis can save you time and money involved with activating the wrong energies. 

Photo by Margo Brodowicz on unsplash.com