The benefit of using Feng Shui in your garden design is that your whole space, your home and garden, will feel great and harmonious.

In Feng Shui, a garden is designed in harmony with the underlying energies of the home. It does not mean that Chinese symbols or objects are used. It can be designed in any style – native, minimalist, Asian or traditional English.


Where there is good Yang (active) energy in the home, we endeavour let this come in to fill the home with healthy life force. We place the doors and big windows with such energies.

In the garden, we correspondingly create openness where there is good Yang – and don’t block it with a solid group of bushes… This is where we have open spaces and pathways in the design. This is also where we place a water feature, as water enhances Yang energies.

Likewise, where there is good Yin (still) energy and/or bad Yang in the chart of the house, we help this area along by planting it up with solid “heavy” things. We perhaps create a wall with climbers, or plant a solid group of bushes, or use some heavy sculptures in that area.


As water enhances any type of Yang energy – the good and the bad – you can go wrong with placing a pool or pond. You could end up activating negative ‘wealth’ energies. With your pool, pond or water feature in the right area (where there is good Yang), you can create a lot of beautiful life force for a home. 

You need to know the energy chart of your home to choose the best placement for a body of water.


Once we have the basics in place, we look at the elements – colours and shapes – of the energies in the different garden areas. 

In every situation there exist positive energies that we want to enhance, and negative energies we want to diminish. To achieve this, we choose plants, objects and garden furniture in the colours and shapes of the appropriate elements for a particular area. 

Following example shows where to place the water, and what colour flowers and objects to choose for each area of the garden. For example, in this home it would be detrimental to have a water feature at the front. It could activate inappropriate romance. However, water at the back will bring a lot of radiance into this home.

In this case, there should be a white or grey round statue to the left of the front door to create a solid feature to restrain the negative Yang there. 

To enhance the best energies, the bushes at the back and front should be red or pink flowering and yellow flowering at the side. 

The sitting area at the side would best be furnished with round or oval wrought iron or metal furniture with neutral coloured cushions. A wooden outdoor set would be energetically too heavy there. However, the seat on the back veranda would be great if solid and in bright orange or red tones, or in timber.


Above is an example of what sort of information Feng Shui Garden Design can give you. It is different for each property, as each home has a unique energy blueprint and layout. You need a Feng Shui analysis to determine the energies of your home. 

Feng Shui garden design gives you the features that will enhance your living experience in the whole of your property by bringing out the best features of your home and garden. 

As a Feng Shui consultant, I provide the blueprint for the garden design. I have a qualified garden designer and landscaper that can translate this into the right type of plants and materials – or you can do this yourself. Contact me for further information.