Last newsletter we addressed the importance of FORMS. Today, we are looking at its partner, ENERGY.

To have good Feng Shui, Forms and Energy have to be in harmony.

ENERGY refers to the intangible and unseen aspects of Feng Shui. You feel them. They make the difference between a great, an average and a poor building – as long as the forms are right.

How Energies can affect you

When the ENERGIES are right you feel great. You can be effective and focused; you feel energised in your living or work areas; or you can relax and sleep well in your bedroom. 

When they are wrong, you can have all sorts of trouble: you can’t quite get comfortable, can’t concentrate, feel agitated, drained and tired, or can’t sleep…  

Such experiences can be explained – and remedied – with an understanding of Feng Shui energies.

Energies are unique to a building

The quality of energy distribution is individual to each building. We use traditional Feng Shui formulas to work out a building’s ENERGY map. Following is an example energy map only! 

There are two types of energies: YIN and YANG. 

YIN energies are stationary. They sit in walls and solid things. They affect our health, relationships and wellbeing when we sit or sleep in front of them.

YANG energies move through a building. They come in trough doors and windows. They affect our wealth, career and money making potential, as well as the building’s life force.

A building’s ENERGY blueprint tells us what quality of YIN and YANG energies affect the building from the different compass directions. 

There are POSITIVE and NEGATIVE Yin and Yang energies – making the picture interesting,

Get the most out of a building’s energies

The goal of Feng Shui is to activate a building’s positive potential and to reduce the effect of any inherent negative influences.

In essence, this means supporting the people with good YIN energies in areas they spend a lot of time – such as at their desks or in their bedrooms. It also means letting the most radiant Yang energies into the building. After that we enhance positive energies with right colours and décor, and also reduce the effect of negative energies with colour schemes and placement that drain these.

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