I have recently visited a number of display villages to get a first impression of many homes on the same day. There is an amazing difference in their feel.

On entering, some were quite pleasant and light, while others felt a bit dull or even irritating.

There altogether exist 9 possible types of energies. 2 of these are very positive, filling a home with prosperous life force. However, another 2 are very negative, contributing to sickness, arguments and difficulties. The rest are somewhere in between. 

Different qualities of energies, in combination with the home’s colour schemes, can explain these variations. Each of the existent energies in a home belongs to one of the Feng Shui elements: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL or WATER. 

The best Feng Shui results are achieved by letting the positive energies into a building and blocking the negative ones. Furthermore, the right use of colour can activate existent positive energies and reduce the impact of any negatives. Any of the more heavy homes I saw could have easily been improved with the right colours schemes!

Here are some ways of how different colours can affect an area, depending on the energies present there:

EARTH tones – yellow, beige and brown:   

  • The most radiant ‘wealth’ energy is an EARTH energy. It likes EARTH tones and is in harmony with these.
  • The two most negative energies also belong to the EARTH element. These also thrive with EARTH tones, making their negative impact stronger and the area more heavy or irritating.

METAL tones – white, grey and metallic:  

  • Weaken the power of the radiant ‘wealth’ energy (if not balanced otherwise).
  • Weaken the two negative EARTH energies. METAL will reduce their negative impact.
  • Helps the WATER energies along and makes them stronger.

WATER tones – black and very dark blue: 

  • Is generally gentle & forgiving; but
  • Can cause irritation with the EARTH element (if not balanced otherwise). 

WOOD tones – greens and blue: 

  • Can help make the radiant FIRE energy stronger. This can make an area either more radiant, or it can make situations more explosive – depending on other energies present.
  • Can worsen the potential for conflicts and lawsuits with certain energy combinations.
  • Can agitate and stir up the two most negative EARTH energies.
  • Can attack and weaken the most radiant ‘wealth’ energy.

FIRE tones – reds, orange, pink, purple:

  • Can make the most radiant wealth energy stronger and more attractive.
  • Can also make the two most negative energies stronger, causing even more sickness, irritation and negativity.