There are many opinions and fads about using of Fire tones, reds, pinks, purples and orange, to decorate a home.

Some people avoid these as they are believed to heat things up too much, others use them to stimulate conversation or romance. Generalizations, which are sometimes true, but sometimes not!

Rooms that thrive on Fire colours

For this current 20 year period, the strongest energy – the #8 energy – belongs to the EARTH element. This includes the strongest Yang (Wealth) energy and the strongest Yin (Relationships and health) energy.

The EARTH element loves FIRE. It thrives on it, is nurtured by it and gets stronger. This is why I – without reservation – recommend the use of FIRE tones in areas where you have this energy! It lifts it and makes it more radiant – in case of the wealth energy, and more supportive – in case of the relationship/health energy. 

This is as true for a bedroom as it is for a dining room, lounge or kitchen. If these energies are present, the space thrives on red tones. It does not become aggressive nor overactive. FIRE nurtures the powerful but gentle leading #8 energy, which by its very nature is peaceful and sustaining. 

I would use more muted or pastel reds in some bedrooms as bright reds may be too active. However, I have no hesitation to using a lot of radiant bright tones in the living areas – as long as the #8 energy is present there. So far so good!

Rooms that become irritating with red tones

There are rooms and areas of a home that get worse with FIRE tones! This is, because somewhere in your home exist two negative energies, the #2 and #5. These, too, belong to the EARTH element, and – guess what – they are also strengthened by FIRE tones. 

Strengthening these means more of the bad influence – more irritation, more ill health, and more things going wrong. If you have lots of FIRE there, it will become uncomfortable. This is where you are likely to ‘loose it’, stuff up, be irritated, make mistakes or wrong decisions – or get sick, if you are sleeping with such energies.

FIRE tones will double these negative effects! To drain such negative EARTH energy, you should instead use METAL tones, such as whites, silver, grey. These colours will calm down such energies.  – This may leave you in a somewhat tricky situation.

Where to use red in your home

Where the positive and negative EARTH energies are located varies from home to home. They may be in any of the compass directions. The energy chart of each home is unique and is determined by its age and exact orientation and layout.

A Feng Shui consultation works these out. This can be done remotely anywhere on the planet, or with a site inspection locally in Melbourne. Let me know of you are interested in either of these.

Short of this, use your intuition and inner knowing – you can feel if you’ve got it right, or wrong! If after placing red tones you are more irritated in a space, take them away! If it feels better try some more!

Important thing to know is that not all lounge rooms or dining rooms or bedrooms are the same. Some love red, others don’t!