The best shape for a block of land is a rectangle or square. These shapes are stable. The rectangle is the shape of the EARTH element.

This regular shape is associated with ‘mother Earth’. It nurtures, protects, comforts, is conserving and strong. 

Any other shaped block is to some degree unstable; it tends to pull energy into a certain direction. Specifically, sharp corners – angles less than 90o – tend to suck the energy right into them and away from the centre of the block. Blunt corners – greater than 90o – are not a problem , as they are embracing the area within it. 

Irregularly shaped blocks can have the effect of making people’s lives more unstable – pulled into an unwanted direction perhaps. The good news is that it is not what is on your land title that affects you. What has an effect are the actual physical features that you will see when you are sitting on your veranda, or when you spend time in your garden. 

The way to handle an irregular shaped block is to adjust its physical features by filling in the sharp corners and visually ‘squaring up’ the block. In a trapeze shaped block, you would need to fill in the sharp corners, either with a solid bush or group of bushes, perhaps with a shed or the kid’s cubby house. The thing used to fill in the corner needs to be large enough to have the effect of visually creating a more rectangular block.

The same is true for a block in the shape of a parallelogram. Again, you will need to fill in the sharp corner and perhaps cut the front sharp corner off with a driveway. Or visually ‘shift’ the front fence by filling the front sharp corner with a hedge… 

The hardest to fix are triangular blocks. Not because they are not fixable, but once you have put all your physical remedies in place to straighten it up, you will have cut away a lot of the space and won’t have much of a block left.

In a triangular block, although the back corner may be 90o, it still has the effect of pulling energy away, because of its angle to the home. 

In such a situation, you can nevertheless create a workable situation, by dividing off the back part of the land with a hedge or fence, and then use that for something else, eg. the clothesline or a kid’s play area. 

There are always ways to improve a block. With unstable shapes, it is really only the physical placement of plants or features that can achieve the objective of making a block more rectangle and stable.