Feng Shui is a powerful tool, which allows us to find out what types of energies are entering your home from the different compass directions.

There exist 9 types of energies: two are extremely good and nurturing; 5 are reasonably good; and there are two energies that cause sickness and upset a person’s immune system.

I have witnessed, time after time, that sleeping in one of these negative energies over a period of time – months or years – causes insomnia, frequent sickness as well as serious disease.

On the other hand, sleeping with one of the great energies undoubtedly contributes to sound sleep, a healthy body and rested mind.

The location of each type of energy is determined by the home’s exact compass orientation and age, using advanced Feng Shui formulas. For each building age and orientation there are good areas to have your bedrooms and areas where you should not sleep! 

Following are some examples. For a bedroom we consider the Yin energy, which is responsible for relaxation and people support. This is represented by the top left number in each area. Positive energies are the #8 and #9. Negatives are #2 and #5 .


Built 1990s, facing 236 degrees South West

Here the Master Bedroom has the #5 energy in the wall where you’d have the bed. This is the type of energy that can make you very sick. I have seen people with cancers and serious health problems, as well as just a general propensity to getting sick, when sleeping in such an area.

On the other hand, Bedroom 3 (bottom left) has the most supportive energy for sleep, Bedroom 2 is also great and Bedroom 4 would be a good bedroom for a student. Ideally, the Master Bedroom would have been in the location of Bedroom 3.


Built 1990s, facing 251 degrees West. (This home has the same floor plan, same age, but its orientation differs by 15 degrees.)

This Master Bedroom has the very best #8 energy for sleep and health. Bedroom 2 & 3 are still good bedrooms – and Bedroom 4 could be made into a reasonably good bedroom if its internal door was shifted and you could sleep against the internal wall without being in the doorway.

People and their health are supported in this home!

Note: I have shown you the energy numbers as examples only. If you are interested, here is a bit more information about Feng Shui energies. 

Where does that leave you?

If your health or sleep has deteriorated after moving into your current home, or if you suspect that you are affected by negative bedroom Feng Shui, it is worth finding out what is going on and what you could do to get better energy support at night.

I have witnessed too many tragic stories with negative bedrooms. As homes are generally not designed with Feng Shui, sometimes the energy in the bedrooms is not good.

However, in 95% of homes there is a good solution to getting reasonable support at night. Sometimes that can mean that you would be better off sleeping in a smaller room or moving your bed onto another wall. I have seen enough to know that this is worth it!

If you are designing a home, you are in the fortunate position to select areas with good energies for your bedrooms, and you should make use of this!

How to find out the Feng Shui of your bedroom

Working out the unique energy chart for your home is a service we offer as part of our on-site consultations around Melbourne and remote consultations anywhere in the world. It is a small expense compared to the potential trouble you are avoiding. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation.

Knowing what is going on energetically in your home, gives you control of how your environment affects you!