When designing a home, you have the unique opportunity to create a radiant and healthy building.

You are virtually guaranteed a great home. It will have a front door that will admit radiant energy, healthy bedrooms and vibrant living areas.

This is the very best time to apply Feng Shui. It should be done before you draw up your final plans – when you have a pretty good idea what you exactly want.

When employing a Feng Shui analysis in the design stage, your home will have:

  • Vibrant energy circulating throughout;
  • Each room supporting its function and  activities;
  • Harmonious and balanced colour schemes and décor.

A home has good Feng Shui when its layout and interior design are aligned with its unique site-specific influences, – which we measure with our Feng Shui tools.

With Feng Shui home design you can avoid creating Feng Shui problems – such as sick bedrooms, or living areas that further arguments.

When to apply Feng Shui

The answer is always, the earlier the better! 

Feng Shui is at its best the more building elements we have to work with, eg. the layout, pathways, furniture placement, shapes and colours.

Any home is subject to certain design restrictions. We are experienced to working within these. Even when choosing from pre-designed home, we can advise you which plan to chose, which small adjustments to make, and whether to possibly flip the plan – all with the purpose of tapping into more harmonious influences.

It is much more advantageous to apply Feng Shui in the planning stage when you can avoid any potential Feng Shui problem, than trying to handle it later. 

There are three levels of home design: the home’s layout, its interior design and the garden design.

Here is what happens in a Feng Shui home design consultation.

With Feng Shui, your home does not just look good, but it will also feel right.