Over the last few weeks a few of you have asked how to work out the energy chart for a place. Here is how it works:

Feng Shui and Time

The most advanced and effective system of Feng Shui is the Flying Star system. It analyses the changing (flying) energies that a building is subjected to over time. 

Nothing stays the same. You would find that – even if you kept it painted and freshly decorated – a building would change over a large period of time, say 50 years. Some buildings would loose their original radiance; others would gain in character and life force.

Significant energy changes occur in Feng Shui every 20 years. The 20 year period, in which a building was built, determines its basic energy chart. This is when ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ were locked together in a particular combination. An energy chart tells us what types of energies enter the building from the different compass directions. A building keeps this energy chart for its life time. 

However, every 20 years, the effect of these energies on us changes. We are currently in period 8, which began in February 2004. Currently the wealth energy is the #8 Yang energy. This will come into your building from any one of the eight compass directions (different in each case). 

Let’s compare this with the 20 year period leading up to 2004. If you were in the same building then, the #7 was the wealth energy. It would have come from a different direction. You could have had your wealth at the front door until then, and it may not be as accessible anymore – or it could be the other way round, or in any other combination. 

As you can see, time can have a significant effect on the building’s radiance. Each type of energy gradually becomes more or less favourable, or even negative, over the course of time. Our job is to find out where the positive energies are located today (in this 20 year period) and how to best activate and use them.

Compass Feng Shui

The compass direction is the other factor that goes into working out the energies for a place. In Flying Star Feng Shui, the compass is divided into twenty-four 15 degree sections. To construct an accurate energy chart, we need to establish the exact compass orientation of the building, e.g. the 15 degree section it is facing. 

With Flying Star formulas, we use the time factor and the compass orientation to work out the energy blue print.

Feng Shui and Layout

But even if you have the blueprint, a building’s layout still makes a big difference. Let’s consider two buildings, build in the same period, and facing the same direction, e.g. with the same energy blueprint: One with the front door in the directions of the wealth energy, the other with a solid wall in that direction and the front door with a negative influence.

The difference between these two building would be like night and day! One would be radiant, the other heavy or irritating. Likewise different types of energies in the bedrooms and living areas would make a big differences.

Our Feng Shui Services

As you can see it is not as easy as plugging some numbers into a computer. You either need to spend the time learning how these factors work together, or get someone to help you with the energies of a building. We offer different levels of service:

  1. Full on-site consultation: this involves a site visit, discussion of your needs and wants, construction of the energy chart and working out the most doable improvements with you. It is followed by a detailed written report for each area, and follow up email or phone calls. 
  2. A ‘quick’ site consultation: the same as above, but without the written report and limited follow up – verbal report only.
  3. Remote analysis: with the advent of Google maps, this has become possible – and available anywhere on the planet. I can usually work out the exact orientation of your building from the map, construct its energy blue print, and recommend optimum placement, energy flows and colour schemes.

Every situation is unique. If you have any question or want to find out about a consultation, please contact me by phone or email.