There are homes that may even look good but you cannot get them right.

Some homes are naturally radiant and cosy. You feel at home, can relax, work and everything seems in its right place.

And there are homes where you’d struggle to get that harmonious feel. They may look good, but just don’t feel right. They are odd and may cause you to feel irritated and on edge.

Such differences can be explained by a Feng Shui analysis. This shows us the natural energies that are present in a building. Energies are determined by the age, orientation as well as layout.

In order to create a home that is right, the functions of its various areas need to be aligned with its natural energies. Anything else is going to turn out odd!

Case Study: Financial Drama and Irritation

I have come across many cases with very negative ‘wealth’ energy at the front door. In each case, this contributed to ‘things going wrong’ more than you would ordinarily expect: equipment breaking down, loosing money, income, investments, etc. 

A straight road heading for that door, or a tree trunk or lamp post right in front of it, tend to further magnify and exasperated such situations.

A quick fix for such a situation is difficult, i.e. even with right colours and shapes, the energy coming in is still negative – especially when continually activated by people traffic, a road or other hazard.

I have often found the real solution to such a case, to not open the door anymore. I have lived in a situation where such negative energy at the door caused a lot of drama as well as constant irritation in the lounge where it was leading into. We found that, as odd as it was, coming through the laundry door and closing the front door permanently, led to instant transformation of the space – peace and harmony.

In many other cases, coming into the back door, or side door – whichever on had better energy, improved the situation.

Case Study: Lack of cosiness and relaxation

I find usually one of two causes for lack of cosiness: 

1. Very open living spaces that are all view and outlook, and that lack any wall or corner. And even if there was one, it is taken up by the TV; 

2. Negative heavy Yin energy on the wall behind you. Such a corner may look nice and cosy, but you find yourself arguing instead of relaxing, waking up with a headache rather than refreshed.

In each of these cases, we need to identify where to create a natural cosy corner – a space that has positive Yin energy and protection from a wall. Then, you can put your daybed, bed or sofa there – and you will find that you can relax there and enjoy your company.

What to make of this

Unfortunately, homes are not designed with advanced Feng Shui knowledge. This can mean that the intended way of using it does not work and causes trouble. Insisting on the ‘rightness’ of the design does not work and does not make it any better.

For a real solution – and I firmly believe there is always one – we have to listen to its naturally occurring energies and align a home with it, even if this is not how the original design was intended.

I consistently find that, by putting people – not the material arrangements – first, we can create spaces that are in harmony and where you can do well. A Feng Shui analysis assists in finding out what is really going on in a home, and how to best utilise and decorate it.

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in an analysis.

Photo by Sergio Rola on Unsplash