Electromagnetic Radiation, or EMR, consists of invisible waves that can have health effects.

EMR – Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic Radiation, or EMR, consists of invisible waves. They are the by-product of electricity flowing – in powerlines, transformers, appliances, TVs, mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc. It penetrates through space, walls and furniture. 

Electricity and our Bodies
EMR is a health hazard because the vital functions of our bodies are controlled by minute electrical impulses. Strong environmental EMR interferes with these and thus affects cell growth, metabolism and hormonal balance – with that our physical and mental health. 

EMR Health Hazard
We live in a world where we are bombarded by all sorts of radiation – and I think we can’t afford to become too afraid of this. However, I have found that high EMR levels in the bedroom, or anywhere you spend a lot of time, tend to have accumulative negative health effects.

It may cause insomnia, agitation, depression and a weakened immune system, and with that susceptibility to all sorts of diseases. There is evidence that it may even lead to cancer and birth defects in the long run. 

Some Good EMR News
The good news is that a lot of appliances that used to have really high EMR are now much saver! Flat screen monitors and TVs have far less EMR than the old style monitors. 

The same is true for digital alarm clocks. In the past, you could not have them anywhere near your bed without being affected – whereas the radiation in the new ones is greatly reduced. Even power-boxes are not as hazardous as they used to be. 

The other good news is that EMR drops off very quickly. So even 2 meters away from an old style power-box would generally be considered fairly save! 

Also, as soon as you switch off an appliance at the power source, the EMR is gone! 

The Bad EMR News
The bad news is that we have now replaced old hazards with new ones. 

Mobile phones are radiating high EMR straight into your brain; microwave ovens have notoriously high EMR. I cringe when I see people standing in front of microwaves ‘cooking their kidneys’ – or chatting for ages on their mobile phone without an ear piece!


Here are some situations you should avoid:

  • Don’t sleep, or have your lounge or office chair, on the other side of the wall where the meter box is located.
  • Don’t sleep on the other side of a wall from a fridge or old style computer monitor in use.
  • Don’t use heating or massage blankets that are switched on all night (very high radiation)! Switch them off at the power point after a few minutes of use.
  • Avoid transformers, such as those used in halogen lights, right next to you.
  • Use ear pieces or Bluetooth devices for your mobile phone.
  • Don’t use microwaves if you can help it (they destroy the molecular structure of food) – or stay at least 3 meters away from them when in use!

    How Much EMR Are You Exposed to? 
    The only way to find out is to measure it. There are different meters to measure magnetic, electric as well as radio/microwave. 

With these, I have discovered a whole house subject to extremely high radiation because of a faulty electricity main (the kids where ratty and the whole family always sick in that home). I found people sleeping on electric massaging blankets for their health that exposed them to dangerously high EMR all night; fridges in the unit next door affecting a bedroom, and even an electric current running through the old water pipes.…… 

If you are worried, it is worth getting it checked! 

EMR Remedies
You can get shield protectors that offer some protection from mobile phone and other environmental radiation. I have not checked these out and cannot comment on them – some people swear by them. If you have a success story with a radiation shield, please let me know.

However, even with a shield, I think it is best to avoid exposing yourself to the really high EMR situations.