If you know the energies of your home, you can charge and control your living situation.

 You can make your home feel radiant, and create relaxing spaces where you can really recharge by activating its positive and radiant energies.

You’ll also know how to avoid the dullness, sickness and irritation that negative energies can cause if activated.

Energies are unique for each building, and dependent on its orientation and age.

I work out these energies during a Feng Shui consultation, which I conduct on site in Melbourne.

Remote consultation

If you are not located in Melbourne, I can nevertheless work out the energy chart of your home. I can also advise you how to make the best of your particular building. You actually have the unique opportunity to a getting a professional Feng Shui assessment anywhere in the world. 

This can now be done with the help of Google Maps, which allows me to get the exact magnetic compass orientation of your place, which is one of the factors that goes into the calculation of its energy chart. 

In the remote Feng Shui report you will get the ideal furniture placement, colours and décor for your home. You will find out how to activate the real ‘health and wealth’ energies, how to create harmony and good support for your activities and how to diminish any negative influences.

Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash