How your home can help you achieve a more harmonious and balanced family life.

Colour is a powerful tool in creating beautiful spaces. It changes moods, brings vibrancy and can make you comfortable and relaxed – as long as it is right.   

Colour is versatile and can be easily adjusted – through changing the colour of your bedlinen, adding a splash of colour with cushions or a throw rug, with pictures or the colour of a bowl or vase…   

In Feng Shui, we determine the best colour schemes from the underlying energies of a home – these are individual for each building.   

Wrong colours can have negative effects. For example, red tones are often chosen in Dining Rooms to contribute to lively conversations. This often works, but in some homes these reds actually cause irritation and conflicts!  

Right colours feel right and promote harmony and wellbeing. 

Remote Colour Analysis

You no longer need to have a full Feng Shui analysis to find out the most harmonious colour schemes for your home. In most cases I am able to work out its energies and deliver accurate colour recommendations remotely.  

All I need is a scanned floor plan (to scale) and the 20 year age period your home was built or had a major renovation. Periods are …1944-63; 1964-83; 1984-2003; after 2004. I’ll also need its address, with which I can determine its exaxt orientation. 

I have a special giveaway for the first caller booking a colour analysis mentioning this email. It is a free copy of INTERIOR BY COLOR, a book by Macarena San Martin, filled with 250 colour pages of great ideas of how to bring colour into your home.   

Call or email me to make a booking! 

Feng Shui Tips – Shapes

You can influence the feel of a place by the shapes of its objects. 

Round objects are more dynamic than rectangular or square shapes. That is why it is good to sleep on a rectangular bed as most of us do. This is also why a place with rectangular furniture feels more conservative than a place with round features. If you want to calm things down, don’t use round dynamic furniture.

Photo by Andrew Branch on Unsplash