The most important aspect in creating our buildings and lives is us.

There are three things that influence our lives – Feng Shui being one of them. Feng Shui covers the effects of our environments on us. It is the art and science of creating environments that support us both physically and energetically. 

The second influence is our character, personal make up and cultural influences. These are pretty much out of our hands, so I won’t go into this. 

The third and most important aspect in creating our lives is us! Every day we make decisions and take actions – both consciously and unconsciously. These have ripple effects into our futures. This, in Feng Shui, is called Human Luck. 

You can make decisions and take actions that support your future and that of your community, and there are decisions and actions that have a destructive influence. 

How to create Human Luck – New Years resolutions

A key part in creating a positive future is deciding what it you want to create! This starts with your imagination. Indulge your greatest whimsy and dreams! What do you desire your life and environment to be? Write down the details of that exact scene. Don’t restrain yourself because you think that it can’t happen — just let it flow! 

These ideas are the seed from which the reality can potentially grow. Post these ideas on the wall near your computer or your bathroom mirror. Re-decide every day that that is how it is – be persistent. So far so good! 

But what if, after a few days or weeks, reality does not live up to these dreams? What if things go wrong? This, by the way is a natural part of the creative process, and the point when many of us give up. 

The ‘natural’ reaction and what we tend to do next, is that we undo the goal, invalidate ourselves, make excuses. This making ourselves small again, solves the tension somewhat but does just create more of the same life we already had. 

This is where you got to be tough and discipline comes in. Against all out appearances, keep up the dreams, ignore any failures, re-imagine, and see yourself in your new life… And keep doing this, no matter how you feel… That’s the only way of pushing through this… And a more positive future will open up!

Back to Feng Shui

If the Feng Shui in your home or work place is good, it is definitely easier to create good Human Luck. You are not battling against your environment as well. 

If the Feng Shui of your home or office wants improvement, or if any of your issues are caused by negative Feng Shui, a Soulspace consultation can certainly help to push your environment towards its very best potential – so it can support you in all your endeavours. Let me know if you need help in this area.