I have had a few people commenting that they would rather not wanted to find out about the Feng Shui of their place, in case there was some bad news.

This sort of thinking is based on the assumption that if you don’t know about it, it can’t hurt you. 

If Feng Shui was something that you had to believe in for it to work, this would make sense. 

However, Feng Shui works regardless of whether you believe in it or not. It examines the physical and energetic environment of a place. This is a certain way, and no amount of arguing will make it otherwise. It does not require you to believe in it.

What would happen if you found out that you had a Feng Shui problem?

Here is an analogy: If you found out that there was a problem with your diet, and that the constant use of some additive caused your ongoing drowsiness and headaches, you would stop using it. Once you’d stopped, you’d gain some control over your health.

Feng Shui works the same way. It is there as a tool to gain more control over your life. Let’s take one of the most negative case scenarios. 

If you found out that your master bedroom carried a sickness energy that contributed to your frequent sickness and insomnia – finding this out would not make this problem worse. On the contrary, you may be relieved that there was an explanation for your troubles.

Better the devil you know…

If this was the case, you could make some choices: Perhaps there was another room you could sleep in – where you’d sleep like a log, although it may be a bit smaller. Perhaps you couldn’t move rooms, but could shift the bed? In the very least you could stop using the radiant purple bedspread that aggravated this energy!

In any case, knowing what is going on will help you improve any Feng Shui problem! The degree of improvement depends on the constraints of your place. You might even be able to activate very radiant energies and really turn the situation around.

Most situations are not that bad. I am always happy to see many places that are intuitively pretty right. I find that 98% of buildings can be improved with Feng Shui. They can be shifted at least a bit – and sometimes a lot – further towards the positive.

No place is ever perfect. If you have a chance to use Feng Shui in the design of your place, great! But even then there are some negatives somewhere. And if your place is already built, Feng Shui can be a powerful tool to help you to improve it.

With the best possible environmental support in place, you then have an easier task to live productively and creatively.