In Feng Shui water is associated with wealth.

Water may be in the form of a pond or lake, stream or river, a pool, or a water feature – in or outside a building.

Water is able to activate the most radiant life force present in a building and thus bring more prosperity and wealth. 

However, if placed in the wrong direction, it can also activate energies that are disastrous to wealth.

For that reason, water should be placed with care – or with the knowledge of the energies present in your place.

9 different types of ‘wealth’ energies

In Feng Shui, it is the Yang (Yang = active) energies that affect the wealth potential in a building. There exist 9 different types of Yang energies, each entering a house from one of the eight compass directions (one in the centre). 

2 of these Yang influences are fantastic – one of them is the most radiant wealth energy; 5 are reasonably good as long as we give them the right objects & décor; and 2 have a sick and disastrous effect on wealth, if activated.

Which direction each of these 9 energies come from, is unique to each building – there are altogether 144 different ways the energies can be distributed. We work out an individual building’s energy distribution with traditional Feng Shui formulas. 

The effect of water

Water activates Yang energies – the good ones and bad ones. 

Your chance that you will be activating radiant wealth energies with water is 2/9. If placed with one of the radiant wealth energies, water is fantastic. It increases the positive life force in your building and with that brings more wealth and opportunity.

However, the chance that water will activate energies disastrous to wealth is also 2/9. In these cases a pool, pond or water feature has destructive effects. It creates agitation, difficulties in being productive and ‘bad wealth luck’. 

Some relatively good news: in buildings built after 2004, you have a 50% chance to activate positive energy with water, if it is placed at the front or back. 

Nevertheless, in any situation, you are playing with fire with the placement of water -if you don’t know what is going on energetically.

Where to place the Water

Here are some of recommendations for the placement of water:

  • If you are planning to install a water feature, try it out for a few weeks with an equivalent sized body of water that you can easily remove, eg. a large bucket of water, kids wading pool… If the water makes your space more radiant, and you are doing better with it, install a permanent water feature. If not, or if it creates agitation or ‘bad luck’ remove it.
  • The best way to find out, where what type of wealth energy is located in your building, is with a professional Feng Shui analysis. This is a must for placing large water features such as pools. These have large effects – the greater the body of water the larger its influence.
  • If you are selecting a block of land that has water views, on some of these blocks the water will be activating fantastic energies. In others it will activate negative influences. Which types of energies are activated depends on the orientation of the building. To make the best of a water view, find out the energy potential of each block with a Feng Shui assessment.
  • If you are choosing a building along a river or curved road, avoid positions along its outside curves. This is where the water tends to break out when it moves too fast after strong rains. This is also where cars tend to come off the road if they are moving too fast. It is a ‘dangerous’ house position.
  • Make sure the water in your water feature is clean. Dirty stagnant water has a negative effect! Water gently flowing towards the house is fantastic – as long as the energies there are positive.
  • For a water feature to be effective, it needs a reasonable body and surface of water – not just a bit of water trickling over a rock. For a small room that may be a 20-30 liter tank; for large rooms an 80-100 liter tank. Outside, the further the water is from the building, the larger the body of water needs to be to be effective.

The placement of water with certainty is one of the benefits you will get from a professional Feng Shui consultation.