When renovating, you have a great opportunity to create good Feng Shui for your home.

You can create a more balanced and harmonious home with your renovations. However, you can also inadvertently create odd spaces that don’t really work and can cause problems.

A good Feng Shui home has its layout, room usage, furniture placement and colour schemes in harmony with its underlying natural energies.

AFeng Shui analysis can provide you with a blueprint that will make your renovations more harmonious! It can give you the right design as well as its ideal colours schemes and arrangements.

This is very important when adding a room or a storey. You want to make sure that this room(s) provides you with the best possible energies and not make you sick or irritated. Here is a list of some of the Feng Shui problems you could inadvertently create.

Often it does not require a lot of design changes to turn the situation around. Our objective is to leave any negative potential ‘in the toilet’, and that you are supported in your activities by positive energies. 

This is achieved by aligning the rooms of the new space with the existent underlying energy blueprint. Recommendations include:

  • Position and shape of extension;
  • Ideal door positions;
  • Colours for walls, furnishings, pictures and objects;
  • Furniture and object placement.

We check that the layout does not violate any Feng Shui principles and that you don’t end up with odd spaces or energy flows.

Feng Shui recommendations are designed to be doable for you – we understand the limitations of your site as well as the potential of your home. 

Our objective is to utilise the best possible energies with your renovation, to support the functions of the new space and to integrate it harmoniously with the existing home. The other principles outlined in home improvements still apply.

With Feng Shui, your home does not just look good, but it will also feel right.