Even with the best Feng Shui in the world, you could be compromising your health and wellbeing.

You could be affected by electrical influences in your bedroom – where you should be recharged and nurtured. These can have negative an effect on your body and can cause niggling health or sleep issues.

Our bodies are controlled by tiny electrical impulses from the brain. If there are electrical charges in your environment, these can distort these impulses and such make it difficult for your body to heal, be well or sleep well.

We have spoken about EMR in an earlier newsletter. Here we are looking at the direct, but more subtle effect of metal in the bedroom.

Earlier this year, I had a direct experience with this. I had metal wire in my arm for 6 months after a broken elbow. While I had the wire, I was quite tired and could not snap out of not being quite as energetic as I normally am – yet at that time, I did not identify the wire as a cause.

However, I immediately noticed the difference when the wire was removed. I instantly had my energy back and felt more able to handle life and keep a positive outlook. This was even more remarkable as I was still recovering from the surgery at that point.

I am bringing this issue up not to scare you but merely to give you another possible reason for unexplained fatigue and weariness. 

Following is the view of a natural health professional. Other than my arm, haven’t had negative experiences with metal – and I am sleeping on a spring coil mattress. So, take what is useful and leave the rest:

Metals tend to be all over the bedroom – in the form of metal bed frames, box string coils, cell phones, metal lamps, jewellery, laptops, DVDs or TV sets. These carry electrical charges, which affect you, particularly if they are close. She suggests keeping metals at least 1.5 meters from the bed, eg. to

  • Never sleep on a metal bed frame, but chose wooden bed frames instead.
  • Not to use box spring matrasses or a metal frame for the mattress.
  • To keep the TV, computer and other electrical equipment out of the bedroom.
  • To keep watches, jewellery, eyeglasses, etc in the bathroom.
  • To use ceramic or non-metal based lamps.