Nowadays, our homes tend to be very open and Yang – they used to be cosier and more Yin!

Yin features are walls, enclosed darker spaces, solid heavy furniture such as lounges and beds; or outside, enclosing features, like neighbouring buildings, hills, solid groups of trees. Soft furnishings are also Yin. 

Yin features support stillness, rest and relaxation. They support people’s wellbeing, health, ‘being there’, communication and relationships. 

Yang features are open spaces – inside and outside, brightness, doors, windows, views, roads, pathways, bodies of water. Hard, sharp edges are also Yang. 

Yang features support activity, action, movement, business and ‘making money’.

Good Feng Shui – a Balance of Yin and Yang

In any building, we need a balance of Yin and Yang according to the activities of each space: Bedrooms should be Yin, living areas need good Yin and Yang, and businesses need good Yang and good Yin to support the people as well as the money.

In general, homes should be more Yin – as this is where we relax and recharge. Businesses should be more Yang – as this is where we make money. Accordingly, wide open spaces are appropriate for business, and more enclosed spaces are appropriate for homes.

What happens when Homes are too Yang?

Many of our new homes are very Yang. There are large, open and attractive – at least to look at. However, they often lack a cosy corner or a space where you can readily relax. Even a master bedroom often has double doors leading into it, putting the bed on show, rather than having it provide rest and support to you.

Such spaces are good for entertaining, but can get ‘crazy’ when you have a bunch of kids running around, or they can feel very empty when you are there by yourself. In either case, you are the effect of a lack of good Yin.

Compare this with the homes we built in the 50s and 60s. These were small and enclosed, had separate rooms; often dark and not as attractive. They were often too Yin and a bit stale, and lacking the radiant Yang energies.

What is the Yin Yang Balance of your home?

Have a look at the Yin Yang balance of you home. If it is too Yang, you might be able to bring in some more soft furnishings, rugs. You may be able to place the lounge against a wall to create back support, or make a cosy corner with the placement of furniture. If it is too Yin, you might be able to open up a wall, create a bigger window, or get rid of some clutter and excess stuff…. 

When the Yin Yang balance is right, it does not just look good, but also feel right!