Feng Shui home improvements are designed to make your home more balanced and harmonious!

A home feels great when its colours and furniture placement is in harmony with the home’s underlying natural energies. Bringing in the right colours for each room and placing your lounge or beds so that they give you maximum support, can often achieve surprising improvement in the feel and your comfort within your home.

During a Feng Shui consultation we will work out the unique energies for your home. It will tell you how to best arrange and decorate it.

The level of improvement that can be attained in an existing home depends on 1) how good it already is, 2) on you making the changes that would approach a more ideal situation, and 3) the constraints of the existing design. A perfect place does not exist – we are always dealing with positive as well as negative energies.

However, with Feng Shui, we are always able to address any existing Feng Shui problem and shift a home further towards the positive. Any home can be improved – sometimes dramatically, sometimes it just feels better and is more comfortable.

Improvements align the physical environment more closely with its underlying energetic blueprint. Recommendations include:

  • Colours for walls, furnishings, pictures and objects;
  • Furniture and objects placement;
  • Location of water features; garden layout;
  • Usage of rooms.

Feng Shui improvements are designed to be doable for you – we understand the limitation as well as the potential of your home. Improvements can be implemented within any budget and style, e.g., you might be able to bring in a needed colour with a throw rug … The point is that it can only get better, and it does not need to cost the earth.

Our objective is to bring the most vibrant energies into your home; to position your beds and lounge in such a way that you can relax, and that your health and wellbeing is supported; and to provide a conducive environment for all the functions that happen in your home – such as home office, studio or gym…

With these in place, your home will be more balanced and harmonious. It does not just look good, but it will also feel right.