When designing a premise, you have the unique opportunity to create a radiant Feng Shui space that supports your work, success and wellbeing.

Each building has a unique underlying energy blueprint that determines its feel and radiance.

During our Feng Shui Design consultations we use advanced Feng Shui formulas to establish this unique blueprint of your proposed space. This tells us the quality of energy in each section of the building, as well as the energy in every area of each individual office. This is your chance to create a very radiant and healthy workspace, compared to one that is dull and where you would be battling uphill against the influences of your environment.

The Macro-Level: The Building

80% of the difference between a mediocre, a dull or a fantastic office building lies in the quality of energy at its entrance.

A radiant, financially healthy office building has the most radiant or ‘wealth’ energy at its main entrance. This then gets carried into the building by the people working or visiting – filling each section inside with this great energy. With the right positioning of the main entrance, you have the chance to have your new building be filled with radiant energy: In 50% of all new buildings, the most radiant energy is at the front centre. In another 37.5% the second-best energy is on either the right or left front façade.

That leaves only 12.5 % of buildings that don’t have excellent energy at the front. And even then, we can pick an energy for the main entrance along the front façade that is reasonably good. In the negative, 25% of all new buildings have very negative energy for finance in the front centre/strong>; and 1/3 of all new buildings have very negative energy on either the right or left front façade.

That means, with your main entrance in the centre, you have a 50% chance to get a radiant building and a 25% percent chance that it will be bad for your business. And if you had your main entrance on either side of the centre, you had a roughly even chance for it to be radiant or negative. Which energy will be at the front depends on the exact compass orientation of your building. This information goes into the calculation of its energy chart.

Do not leave it to chance! Given a certain orientation, we can design a building that has at least reasonable energy (12.5%), or very good energy (37.5%), or the most radiant wealth energy (50%) at the front entrance – influencing the business activities of the whole building. If you can vary your building’s orientation, we can create one with the most radiant energy at its entrance in 100% of all cases.

The Micro-Level: The Individual Office or Business Space

The entrance to your individual office is just as important as the front entrance of the office building.

When designing the interior layout of an office building, we make sure that individual offices will have positive energy at their entrances. This is achieved through the positioning of pathways and doorways.

Interior Design

Within an individual office, there are areas that are radiant and great for business and others that are not. With the interior design of your office, we’ll make sure that the most radiant energies are distributed around your office.

We also make sure that key people in your business are supported. We work out the best location for the manager/executive, and position the various job functions according to the energies of your office, while maintaining your optimum workflow. We also select optimum colour schemes for the décor in each area.

The objective of Feng Shui design for business is to utilise and activate as much positive energy from your office environment and to relegate any dull energy to the storage areas.