When refurbishing your office you have a chance to create a Feng Shui office that really supports your business.

Businesses are dynamic places. When refurbishing an office, it becomes a new fresh space, and we have a chance to ensure that office activities will activate the radiant energies available.

The key to good Feng Shui harmonising its layout and decor with its underlying energies. For a business, this largely means to let the most radiant energies into the building and to use them!

During a Feng Shui business consultation, we use advanced Feng Shui formulas to establish the unique energy chart of this renewed space. This tells us the quality of energy in each section of the office. At this point, you have the unique chance to give each activity maximum support.

Activating the Most Radiant Energies

There are areas of any space that are radiant and great for business. We’ll make sure that this energy is available to you and that it is able to circulate.

The variables we have to work with are the position of desks, office furniture and partitions. The layout of these creates the internal pathways and flow of people and energies.

With these, we endeavour to get as much of this radiant energy distributed around your office as possible.

Position of Key People

Different sections of an office are good for different functions. We’ll work out which section would be the most powerful for the manager/ executive; which area would be good for sales, accounting, creative production, etc. We position the various job functions accordingly while maintaining your optimum workflow.

We will place key people so that the intrinsic energies of the space will complement their activities – and avoid any areas where it would be much harder to concentrate and difficult to make good decisions

Any dull areas are will get the storage shelves, filing cabinets or photocopiers.


Once the partitions and desks are positioned, we select the optimum colours for each area. These are designed to enhance any positive energy and reduce the effect of any negative influences.

Colours can be brought in through feature walls, desk trays, chair colours or pictures, etc.

Avoid Problems with Feng Shui

By getting a blueprint for the ideal Feng Shui interiors, you can avoid a myriad of Feng Shui problems that you could otherwise be experiencing there – such as feeling drained, stressed, irritated, or aggravating conflicts and arguments, or an inability to concentrate and bad decision making.

A professional Feng Shui analysis will reveal how to best arrange an office, how to tap into the best energies conducive to business, and how to adjust furniture placement and colour schemes to support your key people.

The Scope of Feng Shui

The location of the most radiant ‘wealth’ energy is the wild variable in the degree of Feng Shui improvements possible in an office. If we are able to bring this in through a door or window, we will be able to create a most radiant workspace without fail.

If you are ‘renewing’ your space this energy is at the front in 50% of all cases (and with the second-best energy in one of the other directions, you have a pretty good chance to create a great situation).

In the remaining circumstances, the amount of radiant energy available varies.As a workspace relies on this radiant energy, it is, therefore, advisable to have your potential office space assessed before you purchase or lease it.That way you can rule out any negative spaces that are difficult to bring to life.