Find out why even identical homes may FEEL DIFFERENT – why one is cosy and welcoming, while another feels dull.

Feng Shui can measure and predict the unique feel of a home – a skill still lacking in modern architecture! A Feng Shui home feels great. It is in harmony with nature.

The feel of a home is also created by its unique energies

With Feng Shui, we can make sure that your home is filled with healthy life force, that you can sleep and relax in your bedrooms – and that you have spaces conducive to any of your other activities, such as a study, art or music…

When the Feng Shui of a house is wrong, you are battling against the forces of Nature and may experience a myriad of Feng Shui problems, such as more stress and unnecessary difficulties.

How to Decorate and Design

An individual Feng Shui assessment gives ideal colour schemes, décor, placement and design, so that your home is balanced, welcoming and feels good. We will let you know where to open a window, which colours to use in each room, how to make it more cosy and harmonious, and how to let in the most radiant life force.

This can be achieved during the home design– we will give you the very best layout for your block and family requirements. It can also be achieved during improvements or renovations of an existing home – for which we will give you ideal placement, colour schemes and décor. In either case, recommendations are unique to your site, building and specific needs.

How does it work?

Each building is unique! Based on its compass orientation, age and layout, it is subject to a unique combination of Feng Shui influences. These give each area of a home a different quality and feel. During a consultation, we work out these influences with traditional Feng Shui formulas. With these, we can explain why some areas feel good and others don’t – and we will know how to make it right.

The objective of a Feng Shui analysis is to make the most of your home’s positive potential of and reduce any negative influences. We apply traditional Feng Shui formulas to determine the unique map of energetic influences of your home or workspace (there are 144 possible energy patterns). The layout of your place interacts with this in a particular way, making your building unique. From this, we determine the best solutions within the constraints of your building.