There are work spaces where people function well and others where business is an uphill battle.

With good Feng Shui, your office space will support your business. A Feng Shui office feels great, business flows easily. People are productive. You are already facing enough challenges in business – you don’t need to struggle against your environment as well.

You have a good Feng Shui office when its layout and interior design are aligned with its underlying energy blueprint. This can be achieved during a Business Feng Shui consultation.

A Feng Shui office:

  • Is filled with positive vibrant energy;
  • Will have key people placed in spaces assisting their productivity;
  • Is decorated facilitating focus and harmony;
  • Is where an orderly flow of activities can occur.

The quality of Feng Shui in a business is individual to each premise. It is determined by the interaction of the premise’s layout with its underlying energetic influences. Together, these create it its feel and quality.

Feng Shui problems that can exist in a business

  • If the most radiant energies are not able to enter your space, you are compromising the amount of life force available to your business. In Feng Shui, this energy is referred to as the ‘wealth energy’. You work environment will be duller and you will have to generate this energy yourself.
  • Key people may be positioned in such a way that they are drained, get stressed easily or can’t concentrate. This can come about through various physical and energetic influences. It is much harder to be productive in such spaces and takes a lot more out of you.
  • In the extreme case, you may have activated negative energies through the office’s layout and colours. You may have regularly ‘things going wrong’ or ‘Murphy’s law’ at work when you should really see better results based on your effort.

You might have a Feng Shui problem,

  • If you feel stressed or irritated in your office,
  • If there are frequent conflicts and arguments;
  • If you are unable to concentrate, or
  • If success is just not forthcoming although you work hard at it…

There may be other reasons for this, but you could inadvertently be activating negative Feng Shui energies; you may be battling uphill against your environment.

How to create good business Feng Shui

In an office or a business, good Feng Shui design is even more important than in a home, as it usually has only one main entry. If the energy at the main entrance is positive, it is relatively easy to create good office Feng Shui.

Our objective during a Feng Shui assessment is to let in and distribute positive energies through the space, and to decorate the business in such a way that positive energies are strengthened and any negative influences diminished. This is achieved:

  • By creating an entry or window that brings in radiant energies,
  • By an office layout that directs positive energies throughout the space,
  • By placing key people with the very best energies,
  • Through colour schemes and décor that enhance its positive potential – and reduce any negative influences.

We apply traditional Feng Shui formulas to determine the unique map of energetic influences of your individual office. With this blueprint, we work out how to harmonise its layout, pathways, colours, furniture and people placement – to bring out it’s very best potential. In a Feng Shui office you are assisted by vibrant natural energy. You can avoid the stresses on people and finance created by unsuitable colours, placement and design.

A Feng Shui office does no just look good – it also feels right and you can function at your best.