A while ago, I added Building Biology to my skillset to be able to detect and protect from manmade electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

However, the battle to create radiation-free spaces is impossible to win in our modern world. Radio frequencies around us have increased exponentially and we are now inundated with harmful EMR 24/7 - wifi, ‘smart’ appliances, phones, tablets and mobile towers… and are getting sicker and more stressed. Immediate solutions are called for to maintain life-supporting environments.

A number of solutions exist that claim to reduce radiation and some people report successes with these. However, as EMR is now thousands of times higher than health-based Building Biology guidelines, even a 95% reduction may still have health effects. As we cannot measure the real effect of any radiation remedying device, the first thing we should always do is to reduce EMR exposure wherever we can.


Providing Bio-essential Fields with Floww Products

My research has led me to the Floww solutions. Their approach is akin to Aikido. Floww does not ‘fight’ radiation but transforms harmful EMR into biologically friendly fields, such as the Schumann Resonance - the frequency of the Earth and brain. Going into resonance with these fields actually strengthens and heals the body. Personally, I like the company and have experienced immediate positive effects after carrying the personal Floww.

Floww products have enabled electrically sensitive people to function again in environments that previously overwhelmed them. Some studies have demonstrated the use of Floww devices to reverse the body’s stress response. People’s blood that shows this stress response appears to take on a healthy consistency with Floww.


Here are the products I recommend:

Mobile Floww

To be used on a mobile phone to transform the harmful radiation produced by it.


Personal Floww

Transforms radio frequency (but not low frequency) EMR - from wifi, phones, tablets… by creating a Floww field around you.


Screen Floww

Transforms radio frequency (but not low frequency) from a computer/screen. 


Home Floww/ Business Floww

Comprehensive system for the whole building that addresses radio frequency and low-frequency electromagnetic fields, including dirty electricity, as well as negative Earth radiation.